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Ref # ID # Category Question Date Asked Date Answered Date Modified
28  178  RFO Schedule  When will the consultant's report on SPVP3 outcomes be available/posted? 3/25/2014 9:03a  3/25/2014 10:59a  -
25  214  Other  I tried uploading the 13 Supporting Documents, but the website showed an error message each time. I am using Internet Explorer and the file names only have letters in them, etc. I tried uploading them 5 times each over the course of an hour and it showed an error each time. Is there a problem with the website? If there is a problem with the website, is there another way to get our information in? Thank you. 12/1/2013 6:06p  - -
24  176  Offer Procedures  Page 3, Item A of RFO instructions states that contract capacity should be not less than 500 kWdc, and not greater than 10 MWdc, while the offer form requires input in MW AC but does not allow for any figure less than 0.5. Is this an error? Please clarify if contract capacity entered is supposed to be input as DC or AC? If the contract capacity entered into the offer form should be in AC as currently stipulated, what should bidders do for offer which have a capacity less than 0.5MW AC but greater than 0.5MW DC? Thank you. 11/27/2013 9:11p  11/28/2013 3:15p  -
23  Offer Procedures  If I intend to bid a project that is ground mount, is a Site Owner Acknowledgment Letter required? 11/27/2013 12:02p  11/27/2013 12:02p  -
22  176  Website Operation  Is there a problem with upload tool for Site Owner's Acknowledgment Letter? I am unable to upload the letter. Have tried multiple times with no success. I am able to click the link to upload, select the document, but when I click "upload" the browser opens an error page. I've tried contacing the IE group, but have not received an acknowledgement, so I am resubmitting the question in this forum. Thank you, 11/27/2013 11:15a  11/27/2013 12:18p  -
21  176  Other  The answer to question #14 mentions that the on-peak factor of 3.13 utilized in SPVP 2 is NOT comparable to the on-peak factor of 1.11 in SPVP 3 as the 3.13 figure included both the value of energy and capacity. We kindly ask you to double check and confirm this as advice letter 2899-E [Part 1 of 1] shown in the �gDocuments �� SCE Regulatory Filings�h section of the SPVP 3 shows these two figures to be directly comparable (see page 119 of 446 of this advice letter). What appears to be different is that the PPA now includes TOU periods and energy payment allocation factors both for projects which are and which are not obligated to obtain full capacity deliverability status. Can you please confirm this at your earliest convenience? Thank you. 11/26/2013 1:04p  11/26/2013 3:40p  -
20  197  Offer Procedures  If I intend to bid a project that has received Fast Track screen approval as an Energy Only project that does not have Deliverability or Reliability Network upgrade costs identified. For the Interconnection and Transmission section of the offer, is it acceptable to submit "N/A" where we are required to submit the name of the Interconnection study that identifies the cost for the DNU's or RNU's? In this case, what should we use for the "Months to online date" question in the same section (i.e. the operating date listed in the Fast track report or "N/A")? 11/26/2013 10:45a  11/26/2013 4:14p  -
19  176  Other  In response to a prior question (reference #14) you say that the on-peak factor in SPVP 2 of 3.13 �included the value of both energy and capacity.� Can you please advise what the comparible energy only capacity factor was for SPVP 2? Thank you. 11/25/2013 4:09p  11/26/2013 3:35p  -
18  197  Offer Procedures  Regarding mutually inclusive offers, if I wish to bid a mutually inclusive offer for multiple projects, am I still required to also bid each project within the inclusive offer as an individual offer? In other words, is it possible to only offer the inclusive package of projects, but not offer any of those projects individually? Thanks. 11/22/2013 4:30p  11/26/2013 4:40p  -
17  200  Offer Procedures  In order to submit multiple offers as 'inclusive', is it required that each offer have a higher bid price on a standalone basis, and then discounted in order for the inclusive group to be consider as a whole only? 11/22/2013 10:43a  11/22/2013 11:31a  -
16  176  Other  The 2nd tab on the Generation Profile that is to be submitted with the SPVP IPP RFO bids requires the applicant to specify "Contract Capacity (MW)" as an input. Please clarify if the Contract Capacity is referring to MW AC or MW DC. 11/22/2013 9:46a  11/22/2013 10:28a  -
15  Other  My project was studied as Energy Only and was subsequently assigned 100% Full Deliverability pursuant to the CAISO Resource Adequacy Deliverability for Distributed Generation process. Can I select the Fully Deliverable option on the offer form? Will my project qualify for the FCDS PPA? What documentation do I need to provide with my offer? 11/21/2013 11:50a  11/21/2013 11:50a  11/22/2013 6:36a 
14  176  Other  The Energy Payment Allocation Factors listed in Attachment B-1 of the RFO Instructions are notably different from those used in SPVP RFO #2 from last year. For example, the �Summer On-Peak� factor is 1.11x for the current RFO compared to 3.13x for the previous RFO. Can you please explain why these have changed? Thank you. 11/21/2013 8:53a  11/22/2013 2:57p  11/22/2013 3:07p 
13  176  Other  Hello, In the RFO instructions, the TOD table for the SPVP RFO 3 has multipliers that are significantly lower than last year. Will you please confirm that 1.11, 1.13, 0.96, 1.02, 1.00 and 0.92 are the correct energy payment allocation factors for this RFP. Thank you. 11/18/2013 4:13p  11/20/2013 9:19a  -
12  190  SPVP PPA  The �Delivery Point, Electrical Interconnection and Transmission� Section of the Offer Form requires the Offeror to identify if they have applied for interconnection as Fully Deliverable or Energy-Only. However, in the Results of the Allocation of Deliverable Capacity Pursuant to CAISO DGD Process, SCE has assigned some projects Partial Capacity Deliverability Status (PCDS). Two questions: 1) How would an Offeror of a project assigned PCDS best answer the Section mentioned above? 2) How would the SPVP 3 PPA treat a project assigned PCDS under the TOU Periods and Energy Payment Allocation Factors? 11/16/2013 2:15p  11/20/2013 5:20p  -
11  176  Offer Procedures  Regarding the SNDA found in the Documents folder. Does this document need to be completed as part of the offer? If so, where should it be submitted? 11/11/2013 9:22a  11/12/2013 2:34p  -
10  176  Other  Hello. Regarding the Consent for Release of Information form, Section A, since the PPA is neither in negotiation nor executed do we just need to sign and date the form and leave the information is Section A as is for now? 11/11/2013 9:21a  11/14/2013 3:48p  -
197  Interconnection  Hello. Please confirm if Offerors that submit a Rule 21 Fast Track report demonstrating that the project has passed the Rule 21 fast track screens will be deemed a conforming bid or are projects required to have a Fast Track report generated through the WDAT interconnection process to be deemed conforming? Thanks. 11/9/2013 4:15p  11/14/2013 3:33p  -
176  Offer Procedures  Page 18 of the Participant Instructions in "Documents Required for Upload" states "A copy of all the Generating Facility's interconnection studies and/or agreements". Are we "required" to upload everything including FT Screens, Studies, Interconnection Agreements or can we just upload the Fast Track Screen, for example? Thank you. 11/8/2013 9:24a  11/12/2013 2:05p  -
Other  How would the 8-step RA benefit process be used by developers to calculate an offer price? 10/22/2013 4:23p  10/22/2013 4:23p  10/22/2013 4:25p 
Other  Are there terms in SCE's pro forma agreement about using the most current QC (Qualifying Capacity) values available? 10/22/2013 4:20p  10/22/2013 4:20p  -
Other  Where would SCE get the calculations for the statewide exceedance QC (Qualifying Capacity) values described in step 2 of the 8-step methodology? Step 2 reads: "Calculate the exceedance QC for the entire state for each month of each year of the data period; these are the 36 wind/solar state QC's." Does SCE calculate these or do they rely on the CPUC for these? 10/22/2013 4:19p  10/22/2013 4:19p  -
Other  How does the 8-step methodology described in Appendix C to D.09-06-028 apply to calculation of RA benefits for offers submitted in SCE�s SPVP 3 RFO? 10/22/2013 4:18p  10/22/2013 4:18p  10/22/2013 4:24p 
174  Interconnection  Is there an interconnection fee? 9/19/2013 9:53p  11/8/2013 3:29p  -
174  Background  If the Offerors will submit a ground mounted generating facility instead of roof top what is the maximum limitation of the RFO 9/19/2013 9:49p  11/8/2013 3:33p  -
172  Background  Good afternoon, I have few questions about the available capacity of the program SPVP 3. 1. What is the total amount of capacity for SPVP five year program? 2. Since this is the third round of SPVP program, how much capacity is available for this round? 3. It indicated that "The Generating Facilities will be primarily rooftop facilities in the range of 1 to 2 MW DC. SCE will also procure the Product from ground-mounted Generating Facilities as long as the sum of the Gross Power Ratings of all such ground-mounted Generating Facilities in the five-year program does not exceed 25 MW DC." i)Does it means the total amount of ground-mounted Generating Facilities just only 25 MW DC for five years? ii)How much capacity is available for the ground-mounted Generating Facilities for this round? iii)Will SCE accept an offer that is larger than the available capacity? Please let me know if I didn't address my questions clearly. Thank you. 9/5/2013 2:00p  9/9/2013 5:46p  9/10/2013 1:56p 

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